Funzi Island is located on the southern coast of the Mombasa Island, accessed by first crossing the Indian Ocean channel by ferry and driving down 70 kilometers on tarmac roads, passing Diani beach on the left, to Bodo pier. From Bodo guests would travel via boat to Funzi Island. The island has one accommodation, and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean waters with patches of mangroves trees, swaying palms and sparkling sand. You can also fly directly on a private charter from Mombasa Moi Airport to Funzi Island.

The unique remoteness of Funzi Island, along with the close proximity to: Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park where guests can snorkel or dive, Funzi Creek where guests have the opportunity to watch birds, dolphins, and crocodiles, and the Ramisi River where boat trip ends with superb sundowners makes it one of the best places to visit on the Kenya coast. If that wasn’t enough to make Funzi Island an attractive exotic Indian Ocean beach island destination, lying on the Pemba channel makes it one of the best fishing spots in whole of Africa. Relaxation at Funzi Island is furthered by the low tides, which reveals a superb sandbank where guests relax and sunbathe for the rest of day.